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Vendredi •
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Goldenhour •

Let’s unwind and celebrate 🥂

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C’est important de célébrer les grandes étapes de sa vie, de ses projets! 💥

Aujourd’hui, on a eu beaucoup de bonnes nouvelles et surprises par rapport à tout le développement que l’on prévoit pour Champagne Bonvalet.

On s’approche de plus en plus du but et on avait envie de fêter ça, même si aujourd’hui, c’est mardi! 🥂🍾

Et vous, qu’avez-vous envie de célébrer?


Big milestones achieved today so we thought we’d celebrate! 💪🏼

You know how it goes : celebrate good times, come on! 🎵

What about you? What would you like to celebrate?

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Pair. It. With. - Champagne Bonvalet Rosé Suprême⁣

It is not always easy to know how to pair food and wine. Let alone food and champagne. ⁣
Here is a tip for you : ⁣

🍇 Rosé champagne is the most versatile of champagnes. Mainly composed of Pinot Noir and/or Pinot Meunier, it usually has structure and vinous tones. It can easily be paired with sweet and salty snacks, red meat and dessert. ⁣

🍾 Champagne Bonvalet Rosé Suprême is special ! ⁣
Mainly composed of Chardonnay, this cuvée does not compete in the usual rosé category. ⁣
It is fresh, elegant and mellow with strawberry and cherry aromas.⁣

Pair. It. With. ⁣
dark chocolate desserts or chunks⁣

Champagne Bonvalet Rosé Suprême - 75% CH, 10% PN, 15% RedWine, 24 months, 10g/l B⁣

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Pair. It. With. - Champagne Bonvalet Blanc Suprême⁣

It is not always easy to know how to pair food and wine. Let alone food and champagne. ⁣
Here is a tip for you : ⁣

🍇 Chardonnay represents elegance & freshness. It is often associated with citrus fruit and as the years go by brioche and butter. ⁣

🍾 Champagne Bonvalet Blanc Suprême is mainly composed of Chardonnay. ⁣
This cuvée is elegant and mineral giving way to light citrus aromas and yellow apple. Then comes the perfect balance between the minerality and the silky tones of the chardonnay. ⁣

Pair. It. With. ⁣
oysters, light fish, lobster⁣

Champagne Bonvalet Blanc Suprême - 70% CH, 30% PN, 36 months, 8g/l B⁣

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Pair. It. With. - Champagne Bonvalet Brut Suprême⁣

It is not always easy to know how to pair food and wine. Let alone food and champagne. ⁣
Here is a tip for you : ⁣

🍇 Pinot Noir represents character & structure. It is often associated with berries, yellow apple, chestnuts and as the years go by cocoa and tobacco. ⁣

🍾 Champagne Bonvalet Brut Suprême is mainly composed of Pinot Noir. ⁣
This cuvée is tonic but supple giving way to a fresh body with red berries and red apple aromas. Then comes subtle flavours of brioche and chalk giving it its minerality.⁣

Pair. It. With. ⁣
🧀 ⁣
whether it is cheese crackers for the "apéro" or a cheese platter⁣

Champagne Bonvalet Brut Suprême - 70% PN, 30% CH, 24 months, 8g/l B⁣

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Bientôt on pourra reprendre des photos comme celles-ci 🤞🏼🍾🥂#mariage
End of lockdown is on or is near for some of you and soon we’ll be able to take pictures like this one! 🍾🥂

Keep calm and Carry on!

Disclaimer - please drink responsibly and respect the rules established by your government concerning covid19.

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LET’S POP 2020 🍾 •
Nous vous souhaitons du soleil, de la détermination, de l’amour, de la joie et bien sûr du champagne! Que cette année soit pétillante comme jamais! 🥂
~ Pauline & Guillaume Bonvalet

We wish you sunshine, determination, love, happiness and, of course, champagne! May this year be as bubbly and sparkling as ever! 🥂
~ Pauline & Guillaume Bonvalet

Credit : @ruelala 📷

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Joyeux et scintillant Noël à tous!
Merry and Sparkly Christmas to everyone! 🍾🥂🎄🎅🏼

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Repost • @champagnebonvalet x Milan Fashion Week

Champagne Bonvalet was part of Milan Fashion Week glam. Our champagnes and @baronbrisse accompanied the model @anastassiakhozissova in her cooking challenge at @asolaristorante.
Here is a few words of what she said about it: « Months of hard work is the key to my success❣️⠀

That's why on September 19th in conjunction with Milan Fashion Week, I had an unforgettable fashion dinner "Sparkling Night" at @asolaristorante on the 9th floor of Brian & Barry Building.⠀

For my fashion guests, I performed the SPARKLING dinner set of the 6-course meal. ⠀

The menu was #glutenfree #lactosefree and #sugarfree :⠀
⠀ ⠀
💫Gazpacho à la Russe with marinated Asparagus⠀ 💫Whole-grain Bruschetta with Avocado Mousse, Porcini Mushrooms, Eggplant, and Colored Cauliflower dressed with Chili Oil⠀ ⠀
💫Kale salad with marinated Beets on the splash of Carrot Purée⠀ ⠀
💫Avocado Tartar with Quinoa and Courgette served with Almond Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini Flowers and Chanterelle Mousse⠀ ⠀
💫Buckwheat Crumbles with Chia Seeds Berry Jam with Avocado and Lime Ice Cream⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
💫Chocolate Truffles served with 21-karat Gold
⠀ ⠀

Obviously, that night was indeed SPARKLING ✨!
⠀ ⠀
Thanks to all my partners: ⠀
@brianebarrybuilding ⠀ ⠀
@asolaristorante ⠀ ⠀
@rehashjeansmaker ⠀ ⠀
@casatogioielli ⠀ ⠀
@champagnebonvalet⠀ ⠀

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Repost from @baronbrisse
Last night, welcomed to the wonderful Terrazza 12, journalists and special guests attended the Baron Brisse's presentation of Champagne Bonvalet.
Guests had the opportunity to taste the three protagonists of the evening: Blanc Suprême, Rose Suprême and Brut Suprême. Three different Champagnes, united by the style that identifies the Maison Bonvalet: class, finesse, drinkability. And destined to become a point of reference in haute cuisine throughout Italy. “Champagne Bonvalet – explains Vinicio Biancuzzi, founder of Baron Brisse – is one of our best products: it is difficult, even in a rich universe like Champagne, to find a product so complete from every point of view. We are sure that a competent audience like the Milanese people, and in general all lovers of Champagne, will be happy to appreciate these exclusive wines”. For the occasion, the 17 screens on Piazza San Babila were customized for the event.

Press Kit & Images → baronbrisse.com/bonvalet

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To our dear Swedish friends :

@champagnesweden Vilken champagne är bäst när vi inte får se flaskan?

Champagnerna serveras i två omgångar (flighter), ni får information om vilka flaskor ni blir serverade, men är ovetandes om i vilken ordning. Deltagaren sätter betyg på alla champagner och de som vågar får försöka sig på att gissa i vilken ordning champagnerna serverats.

Efter provningen sammanställer vi era betyg och presenterar vilka champagner som har fått bäst betyg och vem vet, kanske hittar du en ny favoritchampagne?

Datum och tid: 24 oktober kl. 18

Pris: 1299kr. Priset inkluderar provning och varmrätt.

Louis Roederer
Pol Roger
Gimonnet Gonet
Didier Herbert
Charles Heidsieck
Laurent Perrier
Alfred Gratien
Alexandre Bonnet

Plats: Hotell Kungsträdgården, Västra Trädgårdsgatan 11B, 111 53 Stockholm

Antal platser: 20st

Anmälan: info@champagnesweden.se eller via hemsidan. Länk i bio! 🥂🍾🤩

Célébrez votre mariage au Champagne Bonvalet • Retrouvez-nous aujourd’hui et demain au Salon du Mariage de Paris • en partenariat avec les jeunes couturiers @blandindelloye. 🥂💍🍾

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Organisation d’un événement en Champagne pour une société belge. Petite surprise @champagnebonvalet et @biscuitsfossier en chambre dans le superbe @bestwesternhoteldelapaix en plein centre de Reims. •
Organising an eventful weekend for a Belgian company in Champagne. Welcome surprises @champagnebonvalet and @biscuitsfossier in the splendid @bestwesternhoteldelapaix in city center of Reims.

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A toutes les victoires à célébrer !
To all victories to be celebrated !

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