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30% CH – 25% PN – 45% M

Fresh and mineral cuvée with the delicate aroma of pear and elderflower.


Brut or Extra-Brut

30% Chardonnay – 25% Pinot Noir – 45% Meunier

The first cuvée of the House, ‘Epopée’ (about 3000 bottles produced in 2014), represents the incredible adventure we are still living today.

It blends the three emblematic grape varieties of the Champagne region (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier). A fresh and mineral cuvée with delicate aromas of pear and elderflower.

Taste Profile

The colour is a deep golden hue with a long string of bubbles

Dominante Flavours



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“This is a very delicate, fine Champagne. Subtly acidic and buttery notes, it opens as an aperitif and goes down smoothly throughout the meal”.

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